1. Today, after waiting for a solution for seven months, the International Cycling Federation sent me an e-mail to announce that they send my dossier to the Spanish Cycling Federation.

2. This decision has not changed anything in my personal situation: I am not banned and I am not suspended.

3. The case is arrived at the Spanish Cycling Federation, the only authority who can decide about my current situation. This changed one thing to my current difficult situation which is that from now on I can defend my case.

4. As decided as from day one of the allegations against me I still won’t give interviews. This decision is made to have the authorities do their job without external pressure.

5. Finally I wish to inform you that I accept the position of my current team of not having me race until a final decision has been made on this case. They always emphasized to take a decision after it is known whether or not this case leads to a punishment for me.
Ezequiel Mosquera