Since September 30th 2010 I decided not to inform the media or make a statement. On this day almost half a year ago I was informed about the Adverse Analytical Findings in my urine sample. By not informing the media I had the goal to allow and respect the work of the institutions without pressure and to guarantee the maximum consideration for all of them.

Now, more than five months after this day, I write this press release with two goals: first of all, to request that my file will be closed and secondly to explain some very important details.

1. In my career I did many many doping controls. In one of these many doping controls during the Tour of Spain 2010 the authorities detected HES (Hydroxyethyl starch).

2.    The substance detected, Hydroxyethyl starch, is not considered a doping substance. It explains why I am not banned and why I am not suspended.

3. The UCI confirmed in a letter of Ottille Morand (legal manager) what is my situation last 18th February: ‚ÄúSince Mr. Mosquera is not provisionally suspended, nor has a decision been rendered declaring him ineligible to ride, Mr. Mosquera is currently free to participate in cycling races‚ÄĚ.

4. Hydroxyethyl starch is a derivative of genuin (“normal”) starch.

5. Scientific studies show that Hydroxyethyl starch doesn’t allow to improve the sportive performance. Hydroxyethyl starch isn’t forbidden in case of intramuscularly or oral intake. It is only not authorized by intravenous intake.

6. Unlike what is generally assumpted, Hydroxyethyl starch doesn’t hide doping substances. This was prooved through other cases, where laboratories could detect hydroxy erthyl starch together with EPO.

7. The analyses from the WADA accredited laboratory in Köln guaranteed that in my samples there is only Hydroxyethyl starch and there are no doping substances. The WADA accredited laboratory in Köln accredited that there is no EPO. They looked for it and they concluded it was not in my body.

8. I didn’t request the analysis of the B sample. With this decision, my only goal was to accelerate the process.

9. I presented my report and explanation to the UCI last 10th December. Since this day I am waiting for an answer. I fully understand that it is not easy to take a decision and therefore with this press release I surely don’t want to criticize the involved authorities.

10. Finally I want to thank my team: Vacansoleil-DCM, the team for which I signed but not yet raced for. I want to thank them for their trust because they took the  position of assessing my situation after the authorities take their decision.

Considering this explanations and now three months after my allegations, I think that the most right and logical option is to close the case. By closing the case now it avoids more damage for my reputation, the reputation of cycling and it avoids more uncertainty for my team and family.

Ezequiel Mosquera